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Dried meat
Southbohemian Jerky

Southbohemian Jerky possible to order at email:

Price: 1 piece: 2EUR
Price: more than 100 pieces: 1,80 EUR/piece
Order to 100 pieces: Shipping 12 EUR.
Order more than 200 EUR: without Shipping

Payment to account only:
IBAN: CZ39 6800 0000 0042 0030 1375
Delivery to 10 days. Warranty 5 monts.


Southbohemian Jerky are dried lightly smoked strips of beef, pork, turkey, carp and venison. We became them from chosen suppliers of South Bohemia.

Delicious meat snack packed for tours, ideal for sportsmen, followers of health food and ideal for those, who want to know, what they eat.

And why just dried meat Southbohemian Jerky?

Jerky is 100% unadulterated lean flesh, it has higher nutritional value.

Preservatives are changed for seasalt only. Nature variation is more healthy.

Jerky is made completely in South Bohemia. We are little family company and we became all of meat from regional suppliers. Our production is patented under law.

Jerky is handmade completely. There are no additives, gluten-free.