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How has it started?

Jerky? Why just we will produce Jerky, especially Southbohemian? Very easy answer. We have seen these products at our foreign tours, but not in our country. And there are many people, who want to live healthy, who are followers of healthy food, who are followers of fitness style, who are tourists and hikers etc.at the last time.

So, we decided to produce high quality products, near to all these facts in 2011. The dried meat – Jerky was our choice. And why southbohemian? Because we wanted to produce regional food too, and wanted to support czech farming, regional producers and suppliers and regional production. We have taken part in regional food competitions, where we were awarded, because we had high-quality products there (more at our web sites).

We are not a part of any corporation or part of any big commercial group, we are a little family company with some stuff. But we want to produce high-quality products and we try our best.

There is done hand-made all fabrication from start to the end of all production (processing, packaging, labeling and distribution) in Mostky by Kaplice.
There is no easy way to break through and win recognition in the Marketplace with any high-quality product at the last time, but the growing number of pieces of our Jerky is for us the best award from You, from our customers.

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