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News for our children. Delicious dried lightly smoked strips of lean flesh beef.

More tender meat for better eating, low contents of salt 1,5g / 100g, it meets the requirements of ministry of education.

You will enjoy your meal of dried lightly smoked beef from czech cattle farming. There is 100% unadulterared lean flesh of beef in Southbohemian Jerky.

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Beef, sea salt (100g of dried meat is made from 270 grams of raw meat).


Keep in dry and lightless place.

Terms conditions (+5C +30C). 

Use before 48 hours after opening. 

White coating is no problem of quality.

Oxygen absorber in packaging is not edible!

Nutritional values

Nutritive value

1 167 kJ/100g


8,9 g/100g

Saturated fat

3,2 g/100g


47 g/100g


1,5 g/100g


0 g/100g


0 g/100g

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